Race for Rwanda

Race for Rwanda

April 28, 2019

I wanted my first blog to be something I care about deeply. My family and I went on a mission trip in 2012 to Rwanda. It was the first time we took a big trip like this as a family, and it was powerful to see God working in such a great way through Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM). One of the key things that helped us get to Rwanda was a 5k our friends organized called the Race for Rwanda. It has been going strong ever since. So, the past couple of years I had the privilege of making the race awards for the event. I enjoyed making the handcrafted medallions for the race. I'll post the process in a future blog.

Back to Rwanda: ANLM focuses on two groups of people -- orphans, and women. There are a lot of orphans as the result of the genocide so long ago which is why they began the ministry. The orphans are sponsored, placed in school and fed routinely (something that is not a given there). When we went, we were able to take some clothes and other gifts to the children we sponsor which is a precious memory for our family.

If you get a chance and are in the San Antonio area -- I would encourage you to consider signing up for the 5k, which is June 1st this year. All proceeds go to the ministry that helps women with HIV develop skills to support themselves and their children. Many of the women who participate in the program come to Christ, which means they get much more than a vocation; they inherit a magnificent future in heaven.

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